Cancellation and Refund Policy


A customer is entitled to a refund if the service requested is not fulfilled. Any return amount is subject to a reduction based on a deduction for services rendered or given to the customer. The value of services rendered is based on the average retail price of single incidents offered by HelpGurus. The amount charged to customers is based on their choice of package and charged to the account of their choice. Once they submit the order, it is nonrefundable. Only in cases of fraud will the payment be refunded. This policy has been put in place due to abuse of credit card chargebacks and theft of information.


HelpGurus, at its discretion, may terminate Services with 30 days notice to Customer, in which case, customer will be entitled to a refund subject to the above conditions. HelpGurus reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate Services if HelpGurus, in its sole discretion, determines that Services are being misused and/or Customer has not complied with the terms and conditions of this Service Description.

Not Transferable

The Services are not transferable. The sole owner of the service is the only who can access the service for use.