How to Print Only Selected Areas of a Spreadsheet in Excel 2007 & 2010

If you have a huge spreadsheet in Excel, printing all of it can be a waste of paper and ink. Instead, if you only want some parts of the sheet to be printed, this article will show you how to print only specific areas of the spreadsheet in Excel.

1.      Select your specific data. Hold down the Ctrl key while highlighting.

Figure 1: We select some data from the worksheet.

2.      Go to Page Layout and select Print Area > Set Print Area.

Figure 2: Click on Set Print Area.

3.      Also, if you select Print Tiles from the Page Layout tab, you can specify which column gets repeated.

Figure 3: Customize your print area.

4.      Click Print Preview to see what your data will look like on paper.

Figure 4: The Print Preview of your Excel data.

5.      You can also add other sections from the worksheet by selecting them and clicking on Add to Print Area.

Figure 5: Adding some other sections to the print area.

6.      If you click next page on the Print Preview, you will see your added data.

Figure 6: You will see that the area has been added in Print Preview.

7.      You can also select Clear Print Area to erase the print areas you don’t need anymore.

Figure 7: Clear the Print Area.

In Excel 2010, the process is relatively the same, except that Backstage View opens and you can adjust your printing preferences there.

This is yet another way of keeping your Excel data organized and not wasting too many trees by printing a lot.



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