How to Use Templates in MS Office 2010 and 2007

Templates are the handiest thing when it comes to rush documents and presentations. They are also the most convenient since you can use them again for another document.

Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, unlike the old versions, now carry lots of templates for you to choose from, right from their website, They save you from the fact of having overused and limited templates (especially in PowerPoint). This article will explain you how to explore more of these templates.

Note: Although the screenshots below are from MS 2007, they are almost the same process when it comes to MS 2010. All templates can be accessed under New from the Office Button.

Microsoft Excel Templates

1.      In Excel, you can choose from a variety of templates. All from the MS Office Web site, these range from budget plans, invoices, and maybe some to-do-lists. Select the category and the style you want.

Figure 1: A wide variety of Excel templates for you to choose from, grouped in categories.

2.      If you’re happy with the preview, simply click Download to get that specific template.

Figure 2: Click the Download button to grab it.

3.      Once the download is finished, the template should open and you can now edit the information with your own set of data.

Figure 3: The template opens up in a new Workbook.

Microsoft Word Templates

1.      Microsoft Word templates work in the same way. In the example below, we will choose from the Calendars category.

Figure 4: You can also grab stuff in Microsoft Word.

2.      After downloading a specific template, we should now have this readymade blue-themed calendar.

Figure 5: A corporate blue calendar.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

1.      In the same way, you can download PowerPoint slide designs.

Figure 6: Get more Slide Designs for PowerPoint.

2.      And now you have a nice slide theme within a few seconds.

Figure 7: A maple leaf slide design.

Custom Templates

  • A good way of using templates is that if you’re not happy with the ones you downloaded is to customize them, or you can even create your own. For example, you can create this sales report.

Figure 8: You can create a custom table for your daily reports.

  • If you want to use it many times without having to create another formatted table, select Excel Template (or whatever template depending on which program you are using) from the Save As menu.

Figure 9: Save your work as a template.


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